Who am I?

If you’re looking for a super mum, who has it all together, move on now.
I am a mediocre mum, who does her best to pick up on the serendipity that life throws our way.

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I am not highly ambitious, I do not do life like a Pinterest board, my house is not always clean, I often wear my jumpers inside out, I don’t always iron, my speed is somewhere between stop and amble unless I am on a dance floor and AC/DC are playing.

The highlights of my life include

* Raising 3 adult children.  They were all home educated, and managed to scrape through life without needing the counselling sessions I prepaid for at birth.

* Having my 16 year old make it to that age.

* Continuing to home educate my 10 year old.

* Thus far I have managed to stay married to the same man for 23 years.

* I’ve managed to not yet be turned completely grey by life.

* I’ve built a gin bar in my house.

* I relocated my family from Australia to the UK and it turns out life here is alright, despite the weather.

* I have three two house plants I haven’t killed.